Project Management Compass

What does project management look like? If we can visualize project management we can communicate in a different way. It is true that project management is complex because of its integrative nature and novel applications. While there are no silver bullets a picture may say a thousand words. Symbolic images create meaning and knowledge. As a project manager do you wish you had a tool that could show the proper course? For example a compass like Jack Sparrow’s from Pirate of the Caribbean. This compass would point you in the direction or directions that you need to guide your team. This is the Project Managers Compass.

The Project management Compass

Integration of the Eight Project Management Knowledge Areas

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The Project Managers Compass is a metaphor of Didactic pair’s Cost-Time, Scope-Quality. These are the cardinal direction like North-South and East-West. The ordinal directions are Communication-Human Resources, and Risk-Procurement. The project manager is continuously controlling the Execution of the Project by integrating the feedback. For example we may be able to decrease time by increasing the cost or we may be able to decrease risk by procuring insurance. The needle of Integration may involve a more complex adjustment of project processes, and the metaphor is another way to think about Project Management Knowledge Areas. This visual model is released under Creative Commons for people to use, remix, recycle, learn and improve the usability of this model. Please Attribute the Project Management Compass to @RobertHiggins

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